• Mercedes Light Commercial Vans

  • Merc Autocare, Cornwall's Largest Independent Mercedes Van Specialists, realise that the biggest cost in servicing light commercial vehicles is the time they're off the road, so we aim to ensure that your vehicle is back on the road as quickly as possible and stays there.

    The correct maintenance of your vehicle requires sophisticated tools and in-depth knowledge. That is why Cornwall's Independent Mercedes Specialists - Merc AutoCare  - is the place to take your van as we have all the knowledge and systems to make sure your van is back on the road and earning for you.

    If your Mercedes Benz has a service book it will stamped. If your vehicle supports the digital service book system we can update the service details on the database.

    Because Merc AutoCare only follow the manufacturers service schedule, use only genuine parts and recommended lubricants your manufacturers warranty will remain unaffected by having your vehicle serviced with us.

  • Merc AutoCare can provide your Mercedes van with:

    • Full diagnostics
    • In warranty servicing
    • General servicing
    • MOT's can be arranged by appointment
    • Brakes
    • Safety checks
    • Clutches
    • SCN coding to all Mercedes